Post-War Massacres in Slovenia

By , 09 Oct 2018, 12:05 PM Videos
Post-War Massacres in Slovenia The cover of the book being discussed

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Last weekend saw a ceremony in Teharje to remember those killed in the aftermath of World War 2, a group that included those who collaborated with the Nazis, those who opposed the Communists, and those who were caught in the middle of an impossible situation, often grouped together under the name Domobranci, the Slovene Home Guard, with the war in Europe, and Slovenia in particular, being a far more complicated and less black and white affair than it appears from the British or American perspective. 

These summary executions of around 5,000 people received little official attention or investigation during the years when Slovenia was part of Yugoslavia. However, with independence came a new freedom, and new desire, to re-examine the past, a task made easier by the fact that the events in question had happened only 46 years before.

One result of this renewed interest was the book Slovenia 1945: Memories of Death and Survival After World War II, by John Corsellis and Marcus Ferrar, and published in 2005 (with a new edition in 2015), available on Amazon.

You can see an interview with both authors that took place on RTV Slovenia at the launch of the book below, which starts a few minutes in, after the speakers move from Slovene to English. It covers the writing of the book, its contents, and the general issues it raises.

And if you’d like to see where mass graves related to these incidents have been found in Slovenia, then you can see an interactive map here.

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