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By , 18 Dec 2018, 10:13 AM Videos
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December 18, 2018

While Paul McCartney is said to sometimes fly in for some fishing it’s not often that a triple-A superstar visits Slovenia for show, and even rarer that they sit down for an interview with the local media. It was thus a special day in 1996 when David Bowie was in the country, and a day that was made even more special for Marcel Štefančič, the veteran journalist who over the years has written about everything from politics to cinema, but at this time got to sit down with the Starman himself. It’s a surprisingly good interview, given how Bowie couldn’t have known it would have such a wide audience, or such a long life, but for our purposes the focus is on the subtitles and their educational potential. So relax, maybe grab a pen and paper, and learn a little Slovene with the Dame.

Unfortunately, only a small portion of the interview is available online.

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