How Viktor the Human Fish Grew a New Leg

By , 14 Jun 2020, 21:06 PM Videos
How Viktor the Human Fish Grew a New Leg Screenshot of the embedded video

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Viktor, one of the three juvenile human fish that are on a display in Postojna Cave at the moment, swims around with a leg he’s already grown twice.

Viktor’s little leg was hurt in a fight with another human fish (aka proteus or olm) and the researchers were initially worried his wound could get infected by algae or some other organism. However, Viktor’s wounded leg simply fell off  and a new leg grew in its place.

In 2016, twenty one human fish hatched successfully after their mom laid 60 eggs in an observation tank, taking everyone by surprise.  The development of “little dragons” was since closely monitored, which is where the video and detailed pictures of Viktor’s fight and recovery come from.

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