Meet the People: Mojca Cerar, High School Student

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Meet the People: Mojca Cerar, High School Student Mojca Cerar

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We asked Mojca a few questions, and she was kind enough to write her replies.

March 6, 2018

Tell me something about yourself.

I live in a small village Škrjančevo, which is about 15 kilometres north of capital Ljubljana, with a beautiful view of the Kamnik Alps. I am a fourth-year student in Kamnik Secondary School (which is dedicated to Rudolf Maister, the Slovene general and national hero from the First World War). Besides being a student, I have always been active in extracurricular activities, such as swimming, gymnastics, and triathlon, and I tutor other students.

What should people know about Slovenia?

It’s quite small, so no matter where you stay during your visit you can see everything in a matter of days, but despite its size it has a lot of natural beauties, from the sea to Alps in the north, famous caves like Postojna Cave and Škocjan Cave, Lakes Bled and Bohinj. There’s a lot to see and do here.

In my area I’d recommend seeing a traditional herder’s settlement on Velika planina. And in the valley there is a stunning spring river, Kamniška Bistrica, surrounded by the Alps. Located in the side valley of the Kamniška Bela torrent is Orglice Waterfall, one of the most attractive hiking points in the area.

On the banks of Kamniška Bistrica lays a medieval town Kamnik, with rich history such as the legend of Countess Veronika, who is also the symbol of the town.

I also live within a walking distance to Volčji potok Arboretum, one of the biggest natural parks in Slovenia (where I spent almost every Sunday with my family when I was younger). From mid-April to May the Arboretum is covered with around two million tulips in bloom. I live near Kamniška Bistrica River, and I love walking along side it with my dog. I also like hiking and cycling in the nearby hills.

How often do you go to Ljubljana?

I go quite often, actually, at least a couple times a month: for the shopping, to visit the theatre and cinema and for young people it’s a place to unwind, usually by going to a club. In fact, most of my peers go to secondary school there, and in a year almost everybody will start attending the University of Ljubljana. Plus I go to Ljubljana a couple times a week for swimming practice.

What are some things visitors should try?

You should definitely try traditional Slovenian food, for example štrukli, žganci, kranjske klobase, žlikrofi and, since I have a bit of sweet tooth, I would highly recommend potica. We also have some world-famous wines, which you should try if you visit the coast.

If you want to experience nightlife you can visit clubs like Cirkus or Cvetličarna. One of the best Slovenian TV series is a comedy called Naša mala klinika, and in the music department, I would recommend a rock band named Siddharta and a band called Dan D. And since I love literature I have to point out some great Slovenian authors and poets; I would recommended you read Bartol’s Alamut, and I also enjoy Boris A. Novak (he actually won a Prešeren this year, the most important Slovenian award for literature), and the poet Tone Pavček.

What’s next for you?

After finishing secondary school I plan to study psychology in Scotland, I just finished my application, and since one of my wishes was to study English and psychology it seemed as a great way to combine the two. By studying there I hope to broaden my horizons, and with luck find a job abroad (right now I wish to specialise in clinical psychology, but only time will tell). At the moment I’m preparing for my matura examination, and I am also working on exams to become a swimming trainer, which could also come in handy when abroad. Still, while I want to study and find work abroad, and to travel and see and learn as much as I can, in the end I think I will return to Slovenia, since all my family is here.

What will you miss?

Mostly I’ll miss family, my friends, my grandma’s cooking, and hour-long talks with my older brother. I’ll really miss my dog Taro and the sunny weather. But I guess I’ll only find out what I’ll miss the most when I’m actually abroad.

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