Slovenska Pristava – Bringing Slovenia to the United States

By , 14 May 2018, 10:40 AM Videos
Slovenska Pristava – Bringing Slovenia to the United States Screenshot from the film by David Sipos

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A small part of America that’s forever Slovene. 

May 14 2018

There’s a small but strong Slovenian community in the US, with perhaps the most well known being in Cleveland, Ohio, shown earlier this year enjoying the annual Kurentovanje celebration. Another example of just how this group is thriving, and working to preserve its heritage despite the miles from home, is Slovenska Pristava, a remarkable organization that provides a setting for all things Slovene, and perhaps all the more interesting for having been conceived of and built within living memory, with work starting in the early 1960s.

The story of the place and many of the activities that it hosts are shown in the following short film, with scenes that are sure to bring joy to anyone whose heart has been touched by Slovenia, and is pleased that having mastered their declensions, and learned to appreciate the sounds of oompah music, the sight of a well-rolled potica, and the pleasures of a pig slaughter feast, there’s always a warm welcome for them not far from the banks of Lake Erie. 

The documentary was made by David Sipoš, a Slovene filmmaker whose work can be seen here, while you can learn more about Slovenska Pristava at the group’s website or Facebook page.

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