Nirvana Play Ljubljana, 27/02/94 (Videos)

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Kurt Cobain in Ljubljana Kurt Cobain in Ljubljana Screenshot from the first live video

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The last show Nirvana ever played was in Munich, 03/01/1994, and although some accounts claim it was cut short, like others on the In Utero tour, that seems to be a myth. What’s certain is the penultimate show the band played was in Ljubljana, a gig that could have been cancelled were it not for the Yugoslav roots of the bass player, Krist Novoselic, who was born in America to parents from Iz, Croatia, and grew up speaking the language, as shown below.

Indeed, for some years Novoselic had been using his fame as a platform to draw attention to the horrors of the war then raging in the Balkans, and it’s said that although Kurt Cobain wanted to end the tour due to health problems he knew how much a show in the region meant to the bassist, and so the concert in Ljubljana’s Hala Tivoli went ahead.

Krist Novoselic interviewed in Ljubljana, in English, including some shots of the city.

The first video below gives a general idea of the show in Ljubljana, while the second video is Nirvana's full performance, whicdh starts with video and then moves to just audio.

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