Vintgar in Autumn

By , 20 Oct 2020, 18:10 PM Photo of the Month
Vintgar in Autumn Ian Middleton

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This week's photo is autumnal scene at Vintgar Gorge (Soteska Vintgar). It comes from the eye of Ian Middleton, and if you'd like to treat yourself or a loved one to a whole year of Slovenia, then you can click the image below and take a look at his calendar for 2021.


To take a more comprehensive look at Ian’s work check out his free e-book here, or purchase a revised version here. You can also see many images in higher resolution, find other photo posts, sign up for a workshop, and subscribe to his newsletter here, or follow his work on Facebook. If you’d like to see him in action then you can watch his series of videos showing you some tips and tricks to producing better photos, and these can be found on YouTube. More of Ian's work can also be found on TSN, here.

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