Petrol Prices Rise Over 10% Tuesday

By , 20 Jun 2022, 16:47 PM Business
Petrol Prices Rise Over 10% Tuesday WolfBlur CC-by-0

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STA, 20 June 2022 - The prices of regular petrol and diesel will rise by nearly 20 cents a litre on Tuesday. Regular petrol will cost EUR 1.755 a litre, up from EUR 1.56, while diesel will cost EUR 1.848 a litre, compared to EUR 1.668 at the moment. The new prices will remain in place until 4 July, when they will be adjusted again.

Fuel prices in Slovenia have remained unchanged since May 11, when they were capped by the previous government amid rapidly growing energy prices.

Last week, the new government decided to reintroduce a system of margin regulation at service stations outside the motorway network, while completely liberalising the prices of fuel at pumps along motorways.

In response to the rising prices of fuel, the government also temporarily abolished several environmental taxes on fuel.

The expected price hike has resulted in a rush to petrol stations across the entire country, with many fuel retailers running out of fuel at the weekend and today.

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