Top 10 Slovenian Companies, 2017

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The top 10 firms, by revenue The top 10 firms, by revenue Montage by JL Flanner

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Learn the firms with the highest revenues.

The following list is intended to serve as a quick guide to the biggest names in business in Slovenia, the ten companies with the highest revenues, using data that was put together by Invest Slovenia, with a PDF containing details of the Top 300 companies available here, along with further analysis.


10. Impol: Revenues 0.589 billion euros. Net profits 15.40 million euros
At number 10 is Impol, the only new edition on the list, up from 11 last year, and swapping places with OMV petrol stations. The company produces rolled and extruded aluminium products, and is the sixth biggest Slovenian exporter.


9. Telekom Slovenije: Revenues 0.677 billion euros. Net profits 40.46 million euros
In addition to its operations in Slovenia, Telekom is also the majority owner of a number of foreign subsidiaries, including mIpko Telecommunications sh.p.k. (Kosovo); Siol DOOEL Skopje (Macedonia); Blicnet d.o.o., Banja Luka and Siol, d.o.o., Sarajevo (Bosnia and Hercegovina); Siol d.o.o., Beograd (Serbia); Siol d.o.o., Podgorica (Montenegro); and Siol d.o.o., Zagreb (Croatia).


8. Gorenje Group: Revenues 0.729 billion euros. Net profits 3.699 million euros
You probably have some Gorenje at home, as do most of the folk in Slovenia, since it’s one of the country’s largest manufacturers, and the leading producing white goods and other equipment for the home, as well as being a multinational group with interests in more than 70 countries and operations that include energy, ecology and trade services. Part-owned by Panasonic, the Japanese company has considered a full takeover bid, but for now remains with its 10% holding.


7. Lek: Revenues 0.913 billion euros. Net profits 74.77 million euros
Founded in 1946 and now a subsidiary of the German firm Sandoz, Lek develops and manufactures pharmaceuticals for the global market, including ‘biosimilars medicines.’ These are produced by living organisms that are very similar to an existing biological medicines that have already been approved, thus fitting in well with the company’s other focus, producing generic drugs.


6. Revoz: Revenues 1.088 billion euros. Net profits 15.90 million euros
Revoz was originally established in 1988 as a joint venture between a Slovene auto manufacturer (Industrija Motornih Vozil, IMV) and Renault, but since 2004 has been a wholly owned subsidiary of the French multinational. The only car manufacturer in Slovenia, the company’s factory in Novo mesto produces Daimler and Renault branded vehicles.


5. Krka: Revenues 1.158 billion euros. Net profits 102.87 million euros
Krka is the second pharmaceutical company on this list, and like Lek it also focuses on producing generic drugs for the global market. A much smaller part of it’s business, but with a relatively high profile in Slovenia, is the company’s line of health resorts, under the name Terme Krka Group, which includes spa complexes and hotels.


4. HSE: Revenues 1.293 billion euros. Net profits 44.36 million euros
HSE (Holding Slovenske elektrarne), the state-owned power company, was founded in 2001, the country’s largest firm at the time, and drives the nation with a mix of hyrodelectric and coal-fired plants, as well as operating businesses in Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria and elsewhere in the Balkans. While HSE produces the power, its transmission handled by another state-owned firm, Elektro-Slovenija.


3. Mercator: Revenues 1.369 billion euros. Net profits -12.68 million euros
Mercator is a Slovene icon that was founded in 1949 and once managed by Zoran Janković, the current mayor of Ljubljana, but is now part of the Agrokor Group from Croatia. In addition to supermarkets and its own-brand goods, Mercator also operates petrol stations under the name Maxen, and sells white goods, furniture and other items for the home at M Tehnika. It’s notable for being the only company on this list to have reported a net loss rather than profit.

logotip GEN-I_2014_06_10_JPEG (2).jpg

2. GEN-I Group: Revenues 1.656 billion euros. Net profits 8.61 million euros
The company in second place is perhaps one of the lesser known on this list, at least for the average consumer. Only established in 2004, GEN-I Group is an energy trading and services company that offer solar, electricity and natural gas services, the latter two under its Poceni elektrika and Poceni plin brands (Affordable Electricity and Affordable Gas). The group is also a strong performer with commercial and industry clients, with 23.2% of the domestic electricity market and 14.7% of that for natural gas, and now has operations in Croatia, Austria, Italy, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Macedonia.


1. Petrol Group: Revenues 3.214 billion euros. Net profits 43.67 million euros
In the number one spot is your best bet when you need to go shopping at 3am. The Petrol Group operates petrol stations all over Slovenia and elsewhere in the former Yugoslavia, as befits its original name of Jugopetrol Ljubljana, which it lost in 1953. A major investor in Croatia, where it operates over 100 stations, it also own Jadranplin, which stores and sells liquified petroleum gas.

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