New Notary Fees Now in Effect

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STA, 19 October 2019 - Notary fees in Slovenia went up slightly on Saturday after more than a decade. Some of the notary fees have not been adjusted to inflation since 2002 and have also gone down several times, according to the Notary Chamber.

The adjustments took effect on Saturday and were set in cooperation with the Notary Chamber after intensive talks, the Justice Ministry has told the STA.

Notary Chamber head Sonja Kralj told the STA that the changes do not concern only the notary fees but also allow revaluation of services and introduce new definitions of individual notary services stemming from the class action act and family law.

In Slovenia, people most often turn to notaries for drafting of contracts and verification of signatures, according to Kralj.

Signature verification fees depend on the value of the contract. For example, the fee for verification of signatures on a contract worth up to EUR 4,590 will increase by a euro to EUR 6.

The drafting of a contract worth between EUR 114,750 and EUR 367,200 has so far cost EUR 275 and will from now on cost EUR 314.

Below is an overview of adjustments of some of the other notary fees in EUR.

Service				          old fee     new fee
Verification of document copies (per page)    1.5          2

Written legal opinion (per page)              23           26

Access to the the property register,
cadastre or the company register              23           26

Signature verification based on contract value

value of contract subject                   old fee      new fee
up to EUR 4,590                                5            6
EUR 4,590-20,655                              14           16
EUR 20,655-68,850                             23           26
EUR 68,850-150,000                            46           52

Source: Notary Fee

In contracts exceeding EUR 150,000, fees increase by EUR 11 (EUR 10 before) for every EUR 50,000 in contract value. However, in total, the fee cannot increase by more than EUR 114 (EUR 100 before).

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