Sign the Petition to Help the Self-Employed in Slovenia, 12% of the Working Population

By , 17 Mar 2020, 09:12 AM Business
Sign the Petition to Help the Self-Employed in Slovenia, 12% of the Working Population Flickr - rochelle hartman CC-by-2.0

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There’s a petition going around to encourage the government to provide help for the self-employed, and specifically those making less than €20,000 a year, and those making less than the minimum salary. It’s easy to sign, has drawn a lot of attention and may already be having an effect. As of last night (16 March) the news was “the Economy Ministry is preparing measures to help self-employed affected by the coronavirus epidemic in Slovenia as part of a bill to subsidy pay of temporarily laid-off employees. Social security contributions payments for sole proprietors are to be deferred” – with the full story here.

So things look good, but if you think this is a worthwhile initiative then why not add to the pressure by clicking here and adding your name. The accompanying text is in Slovene, but plays well with Google Translate, as seen below:

There are more than 100,000 self-employed in Slovenia, which is more than 12% of the working population. With the crippling public life and economic downturn, many of them have already been hit hard by the coronavirus epidemic, as they have lost their jobs, which will also cause them difficulties in settling compulsory social security contributions.

We appeal to the Government to take immediate action with two forms of assistance from 1 March 2020 until the official declaration of the end of the epidemic and the restoration of public, economic and cultural life.

1. Exemption from the payment of compulsory social security contributions

Self-employed persons should be exempt from compulsory social security contributions in the amount of the statutory minimum.

For the criterion, we propose   that those who earn less than € 20,000 throughout 2020 should be eligible for the exemption from payment of minimum social security contributions. Those who earn more will pay back the income tax return.

2. Assist those who have suddenly lost their jobs

Some self-employed people are left without a means of survival and need help.

For the criterion, we suggest:   if they earned less than the net minimum wage last month, the state should provide them with assistance in the form of coverage of this difference. 

Wishing you all, both the government and the healthcare system and society, to successfully tackle the threat of danger, and to bring people together in support, compassion and cooperation, we welcome you.

Again, you can add you name here

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