How to Claim "Corona Aid" as an SP in Slovenia - Fast, Easy & Online

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How to Claim "Corona Aid" as an SP in Slovenia - Fast, Easy & Online Flickr - TijsB, CC-by-SA-2.0

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If you’re an SP in Slovenia whose income fell by at least 25% in March compared to February – the key month in all this aid – then you’re eligible for a €350 payment under the first coronavirus stimulus package, plus you won’t need to pay your social security contribution in April. Important to note that another criterion is you must be up to date with your taxes, and you’ll still need to pay your taxes. You can also apply for €700 in April and May, with details below.

Go to this page on eDavki, scroll down and click on your SP identity. Note that my personal details have been distorted in all these images.

covid-19 aid 01.png

Then you’ll be taken to this page, where you’ll need to click on the COVID link, as highlighted below.

covid-19 aid 02.png

Here you’ll need to enter your phone number, if not already in the system. Then we come to the meat of the page, three items about what you’re claiming. The first asks about your decline in income in March, April and May compared to February. If it fell 25% in March you can get €350, and if it’ll fall 50% in April and May then you can get €700 in those months. I don’t have crystal ball, so only applied for March. I’ll come back next month if the figures tell a sad story.

covid-19 aid 03.png

Underneath that are two more items, which only open up for the months you selected for item 1. Item 2 asks you to choose the months for which you want to apply for aid, while for item 2 you check the months in which you don’t want pay your social security contributions (without penalty). Remember that you still need to pay your taxes.

Underneath those three items there's another with a drop-down menu for you to choose which bank account you want to receive the money in. After that, you just need to click on “oddaj vlogo” (submit the application) and your claim has been filed.

covid-19 aid 04.png

You can learn more about this aid here, while the page you need to visit on eDavki is here

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