How to Get Paracetamol or Prescription Drugs in Slovenia

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Where to go if you’re not feeling so good. 

August 7, 2018

While some countries have a rather laissez-faire attitude to prescription drugs or over-the-counter sales of such household staples as paracetamol, this isn’t the case in Slovenia, where you’ll have to go to pharmacy, or lekarna, rather than a regular drugstore to get some relief. These stores are also called Lekarna and generally have a green and white logo with a cross, although appearing in various styles, as shown at the top of the page, and in addition to prescription drugs will sell vitamins, supplements, cold and flu medicines, shampoos to get rid of nits and that kind of thing, everything you might need if you’re not feeling your best. (And if you came here looking for emergency family planning in Slovenia, then you can find out more about that here.)

Lekarnas can be easily found with a quick Google of location and lekarna, with maps for Ljubljana, Maribor, Bled and Piran shown at the end of this post. If you’re visiting Ljubljana, then the easiest to find is probably the one in Prešeren Square, the square with the Three Bridges, and it’s in the large building behind the Prešeren Monument. If you’re in town and you need something outside of business hours, then there’s a 24-hour pharmacy near the main hospital, at Njegoševa cesta 6 – not far from the centre but a little tucked away (map +Lekarna+pri+Polikliniki/@46.0546037,14.5023916,14z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x4765328176a34c9f:0x38b01136df68a13a!8m2!3d46.0546033!4d14.5199011">here).

Get well soon, or čim prej okrevaj!

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