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A guide to keeping your cell, mobile or phone connected. 

Getting a phone in Slovenia isn’t that difficult, especially if you go the prepaid route, as you can easily buy a phone with a SIM card, or just a SIM card to use with your existing phone, and top up the credit when needed via your bank account, online or at an ATM, or by purchasing a card at supermarkets, Trafikas and so on.

However, if you want a regular contract and to just pay what you owe each month without running out of credit, then you’ll need to jump through a few hoops. Bear in mind that the information below was correct at the time of writing and from the staff we talked, and that telecoms is a fairly dynamic market, where new offers are always being launched. That said, overall it looks like A1 (formerly Si.mobil) wins. Click on the names to visit the websites, although not all in English.

A1– you need to take along your tax number and passport, or other photo ID. If not, a local resident can guarantee the contract for you, if you have a friend or partner who trusts you not to flee the country without paying.

Telemach – you need permanent residency in Slovenia and tax number, or someone who will sign for you.

Telekom Slovenia – you need permanent residency in Slovenia, a tax number, and proof of employment; or temporary residency, proof of employment and someone who will sign to guarantee for you.

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