How to Get an Urbana Card

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One card that does it all One card that does it all JL Flanner

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Your flexible friend in Ljubljana.

If you’ve been reading some of these how to guides for using city services in Ljubljana, you’ll have come across the wonder of the Urbana card, which helps unlock the bus system, libraries, parking system (if operated by Javno podjetje Ljubljanska parkirišča in tržnice), and the bike-sharing program, as well as letting you pay for the funicular to the Castle, and some events that are held there. At some time in the future you’ll also be able to use the card to enter museums and events, and to use the planned fleet of electric vehicles.

The cards are easy to get, but you have to know how to do it, and that’s what this post is for.

You can purchase a card for 2 EUR from post offices, Trafikas (those little tobacconists and newsstands), libraries, tourist information centres and LPP offices. LPP stands for Ljubljanski potniški promet, or Ljubljana Passenger Transport. To use the city’s services you’ll need some credit on your card, and this can be done at any point of purchase, up to a value of 50 EUR, or at an Urbanomat, the machine pictured below.

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