How to Get Compulsory Health Insurance

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Getting into the system is good. 

January 8, 2018

Slovenia has a system of health insurance which is compulsory for everyone living in the country, which extends to foreigners with a valid residence permit and legal grounds to enter the Slovenian social security system.

Compulsory health insurance, handled by the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia (Zavod za Zdravstveno zavarovanje Slovenije, ZZZS) is not to be confused with commercial health insurance, including the complementary health insurance (dopolnilno zdravstveno zavarovanje), which is like an upgrade to the compulsory policy, and which you can get from insurance companies and not the ZZZS.

The application procedure varies slightly depending on your legal status and country of origin (if you are an EU citizen, you would have to provide proof that you do not have a similar insurance back home, etc.). Application is only possible through the e-VEM online system and so you will first need to apply for a digital certificate, which provides you with the online identification and signature needed to access e-government services.

After you finally enter e-VEM, the application system will provide you with the related instructions. A Slovenian speaker (or rather reader) might come in handy, as ZZZS doesn’t seem to offer their services in English.

If you have any specific questions with regard to your case, you can call one of the regional offices’ departments in charge of the ZZZS’ international insurance policies.

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