Heatwave Hits Slovenia This Week, 40°C Possible in Some Areas, Warning on Fires

By , 18 Jul 2022, 13:29 PM Lifestyle
Heatwave Hits Slovenia This Week, 40°C Possible in Some Areas, Warning on Fires pxhere.com CC-by-0

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STA, 18 July - Slovenia is looking at a serious heatwave ahead as temperatures will climb to hit up to 39 degrees Celsius by the end of the week, according to the Environment Agency (ARSO). The warning of great fire hazard and drought remains in place for the Kras and Istria. Meteorologists forecast that a cold front will reach Slovenia next week.

While the bora that has spread wildfire in recent days in Primorska is subsiding, temperatures will continue to grow consistently throughout the week, with a peak of 39 degrees Celsius on Saturday and Sunday, while next Monday might see temperatures up to 40 degrees.

Regions most affected by the heatwave will be Bela Krajna, and Nova Gorica, while those living in larger towns are also urged to take precautions against the heat.

The fire warning now in for the Kras and the Slovenian Istria might extend to other parts of the country in the coming days, said ARSO.

The bora in Primorska is expected to start blowing west late Monday afternoon.

The dry spell has been persistent for the last couple of months in Slovenia, and this has started to affect groundwater levels, according to ARSO, and subsequently crop growth.

Tackling the dry spell will be a long process, ARSO meteorologist Veronika Hladnik Zakotnik has warned. Larger quantities of rain are not expected until next week when a cold front is to pass trough the country, with the exception of rainfall brought on by heat that might occur in the north this Thursday.

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