New Year’s Celebrations Around Slovenia for 2018/19

By , 24 Dec 2018, 12:00 PM Lifestyle
New Year’s Celebrations Around Slovenia for 2018/19 ©Luka Esenko for Ljubljana Tourism

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STA – Outdoor New Year's Eve celebrations are popular in Slovenia with many towns across the country hosting events. Visitors will have the biggest choice of events with various styles of music in Ljubljana, where a grand fireworks display will announce the new year in the capital at midnight.

 An overview of some of the outdoor celebrations taking place on New Year's Eve around Slovenia is presented below:


Children's New Year's celebrations

When: 15:00

Where: Jezerska promenada

Outdoor New Year's Celebrations featuring S.O.S. Quintet

When: 22:00

Where: Jezerska promenada


Outdoor New Year's Celebrations featuring Omar Naber

When: 22:30

Where: Central square


Children's New Year's Celebrations in Wonderland

When: 12:00 noon

Where: Wonderland at Main Square

Outdoor New Year's Celebrations featuring Rock'n'band

When: 22:00

Where: Krek's Square


New Year's Celebrations featuring Stina and Ne Me Jugat

When: 22:00

Where: Lonka


New Year's Celebrations featuring Joker band

When: 22:00

Where: Main Square


Children's New Year's Celebrations with the arrival of Santa Clause and concert by Čuki

When: 17:00

Where: Taverna

Taking Koper to the new year with concert by Kingston

When: 21:00

Where: Taverna, Carpaccio Square

Festive December in Dekani: New Year's Celebrations

When: 23:00

Where: Tito Square


New Year's Celebrations featuring Zahod Band

When: 22:00

Where: Olympians' Square, Mojstrana


Children's New Year's Celebrations

When: 16:00

Where: Congress Square

New Year's Celebrations at Congress Square featuring Anabel, Nika Zorjan and Victory

When: 21:00

Where: Congress Square

New Year's Celebrations at French Revolution Square featuring Super Action Heroes, Red Five Point Star and Elvis Jackson

When: 21:00

Where: French Revolution Square

New Year's Celebrations at City Square featuring Maraaya & Jazzilaz and Klara Jazbec

When: 21:00

Where: City Square

New Years Celebrations at Pogačar Square featuring Gala Kvintet and France In Krila

When: 21:00

Where: Pogačar Square (the marketplace)


Grand New Year's Celebrations featuring Nuša Derenda and Pop Design

When: 21:00

Where: Leon Štukelj Square


New Year's Celebrations featuring Manouche and Slavko Ivančič

When: 21:00

Where: Tartini Square


Morning New Year's Ball

When: 10:00

Where: 2c 1 May Street


Children's New Year's Celebrations featuring Jett of the Super Wings and Alenka Kolman

When: 11:00

Where: City Square

Outdoor New Year's Celebrations featuring Karneval Band and Bomb Shell

When: 22:00

Where: City Square


New Year's Celebrations featuring Večno Mladi Fanti

When: 22:00

Where: Linhart Square


Loka in Snow: New Year's Celebrations featuring Gino and band

When: 21:00

Where: Castle Square

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