How to Dress Uniquely or According to the Latest Trends without Spending a Fortune

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The secret is in buying good fabric. 

I think it is more than fair to suggest that people have an inborn tendency to want to look fashionable, constantly striving to dress up according to the latest trend. Regardless of where you buy your clothing and accessories, the fact is everything costs money and for those that also like to buy an occasional designer piece or even dress primarily in designer clothing the prices are usually astronomical. Furthermore, living in Slovenia, the selection of designer clothing is usually quite limited, and the sales everyone is counting on don’t happen very often, or give you enough discount to justify buying every new piece or accessory. 

So what do you do? What choices do you have? Do you visit a nearby designer outlet? Perhaps. Prices in such places are normally considerably lower than regular stores, although you mustn’t forget you are also spending a fair amount of money for the petrol needed to drive to these, most of which are outside of Slovenia, which also means spending a considerable amount of time on doing this. But is there an easier way? Not only is the answer yes, but the entire process I’ll explain to you is a lot simpler, and guaranteed to save you some money and time.

It’s a well-known the Slovenia has many fabric shops, which can be found in nearly every major town and city. However, we often overlook the fact that many such shops sell fabrics of equivalent or better quality than that of the clothes we would normally buy in regular stores. Furthermore, many of these shops actually sell designer garments from world’s best fashion houses, as well as regular ones.


Photo: Pixabay - annca

A great example is the fabric shop Kroj in Ljubljana’s city centre only a short walk from Ljubljana’s main market. Inside you will find beautiful designer garments from some of the world’s leading fashion houses, such as Prada, Georgio Armani, Versace and others. Furthermore, the shop offers catalogues featuring the latest collections of these designers, thus giving you a better idea of what you can create from the fabrics you purchase. From cotton to silk and everything in between, Kroj has it all and for a considerably lower price compared to something purchased in any official designer store.

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Photo: Wikimedia - Rein Sikk

 Another example is Svet Metraže, probably Slovenia’s biggest fabrics retailer, having three separate shops just in Ljubljana. Here you will find an extensive selection of trendy fabrics in various colours, as well as professional advice on how to best turn these into the clothing you have always wanted. Moreover, if you are the kind of person that likes trendy furniture as well as clothing, then you’re in luck, as Svet Metraže also sells plenty of articles for both furniture and the home in general.

After purchasing the necessary fabrics, it’s time to get them made into actual clothing. If you are capable of sewing and have access to the necessary equipment, then you can easily do the work yourself, for no extra cost. Otherwise, simply visit one of Slovenia’s many specialized dressmakers or tailors, where a professional will do the work for a fraction of the designer price. Plus, instead of following sketches of already made clothing, you can let your mind wonder completely and thus create whatever your heart desires.

With around 15 specialized fabric shops and dressmakers in Ljubljana alone, and around nine in Maribor, you will surely be able to obtain the right garments to suit your style. Moreover, by following the advice contained in this text you are likely to save money in addition to getting unique, custom-made clothing, making the overall shopping experience a lot more special and personal, just like your new wardrobe.

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