Pelicon Launches Novembeer

By , 10 Nov 2019, 15:51 PM Lifestyle
Anita Calavita of Pelicon and Miha Bratina of Bratinov Gin at Sir Williams Pub, Ljubljana Anita Calavita of Pelicon and Miha Bratina of Bratinov Gin at Sir Williams Pub, Ljubljana Photo: Jan Čermelj

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The St Martin’s Day (Martinovanje) celebration of this year’s wine is upon us, but November isn’t only for new wine, it’s also for new beer. A time to welcome the change in seasons by picking up something more full bodied and warming, with a little more cheer than usual to ease you into the winter. That’s the idea behind Novembeer, the perfect follow up to Sober October and the brainchild of Ajdovščina’s own Pelicon Brewery.


Photo: JL Flanner

Founded in 2013, Pelicon’s already one of the old names on the Slovenian craft beer, making a splash with its early IPAs, distinctive, black and white packaging and often names – Out of China is a play of Ajdovščina, The Third Pill is a Žižek reference, W. Wheat is Breaking Bad, and so on. For this promotion there are two new beers and three variations on old favourites. The first of the new brews is a 6% IPL – or Indian Pale Lager – while the second is Harvest Moon 2019 (5.4%). The promotion also includes some already well-loved beers that are well suited to colder days and longer nights: Black Aurora (a porter, 6.2%),  Quantum (a double IPA, 8%), Veliki IPA (a 10% IPA – you have been warned), Coffee Stout (made with real coffee and 8%), and Winter Warmer (a traditional end-of-year beer, with 8.4% of added warmth).


Photo: JL Flanner

While some of these beers can be purchased in bottles, most are making their current appearances on tap. In Ljubljana you can find them at Sir Williams PubDobra poteza⁠ - the boardgame café, Patrick's Irish Pub, and Pop's Place⁠. In Maribor you can explore the new beers at Isabella food&wine⁠, while in Ajdovščina you should head to Bar Hiša Mladih.

 jan čermelj. 03.jpeg

Miha Bratina of Bratinov Gin. Photo: Jan Čermelj

Still, not everyone drinks beer, or alcohol, and thus Pelicon is also launching its collaboration with Bratinov Gin, the Hoppy Collins lemonade. This is a fresh, high quality Slovenian mixer, nad one that you can expect to see at in more and more bars over the festive season.


Photo: Pelicon


Photo: Pelicon

Up next for Pelicon is another of its international collaborations, this one with the Yeastie Boys team from the UK, as the brewer continues to help spread the word on Slovenian craft beer and share ideas with the best and most interesting brewers around the world.

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