The All-New SLO 2 Takes Your Basic Slovene to Another Level

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The All-New SLO 2 Takes Your Basic Slovene to Another Level Screenshot

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Two years after launching the Slonline course is getting a second level, SLO 2, giving you a chance to expand your basic Slovene for courtesy of the (Centre for Slovenian  as a Second and Foreign Language). (Center za slovenščino kot drugi in tuji jezik). Registration is required but everything is free, with support for the course available in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Croatian, and Russian.

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Eleven vocabulary areas are covered, as shown above, with options to learn the words – along with how to pronounce them – plus a memory game to test your knowledge. Putting things together into more useful chunks, especially important with regard to learning the declensions, aka skloni, you can learn phrases and dialogues covering the same vocabulary items. There’s also a “final test” for each of the eleven sections, with listening a component, plus crosswords (and example for food and drink here)  and vocab lists to show what you should know (here). Then there’s a real final test, covering the whole thing, which is 770 words, 550 phrases, and 110 dialogues – enough to give you a grip on the basic vocabulary and sentence forms in most contexts.

This part of the food and drink vocab list gives you some idea of the level.

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If you can already read children’s books then you’ll find the language rather basic, but thus all the more important for the beginner learner of Slovene as a second or foreign language, as a lack of content at the appropriate level is one of the biggest problems. You can check out SLO 1 and SLO 2 here, while if you want something a little more advanced to play with that still holds your hand then why not check out our growing collection of dual texts, in Slovene and English.

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There are also memes


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