Books for Learning Slovene: The Joy of Slovar Tujk

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Not the only slovar tujk Not the only slovar tujk Hand-scanned and montaged by JL Flanner

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Words you know, with simple definitions in Slovene. 

February 5, 2018

Learner’s dictionaries are a great resource, as they have the words you need plus relatively simple definitions, so you can get immersed in the target language, learning more than just the meaning of the headword, but also how to talk about it.



However, while widely-spoken languages have a lot of learner’s (and children’s) dictionaries, so far I haven’t managed to find one for Slovene. What I have found, and enjoyed using, are various slovar tujk, or dictionaries of foreign words, which seem to be especially common in second-hand bookstores.



The book I took these examples from is published by Učila, like my picture dictionary, and you can get it for 9.99 EUR or less (I got mine at Felix).

sikstinska kapel.png


What I like about this book, and what should be clear in these images, is you get a headword you probably know, followed by a simple definition, with no English (or whatever you generally speak) coming in between. As such, you get some content with the prepositions, sklons, and so on. Good language exposure in bitesize chunks, almost full sentences, but not quite.



While not for everyone – you’ll need enough vocabulary to get through the definitions – if the examples set out here excite you, then keep an eye out for one of the many versions published in Slovenia, old and new, and start adding to your store of words.


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