Invest in Yourself: Self-Isolate & Study Slovene

By , 15 Mar 2020, 13:14 PM Lifestyle
Invest in Yourself: Self-Isolate & Study Slovene JL Flanner

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You might be stuck at home for a while, with some time on your clean hands as work slows down, most likely with some concerns about a decline in income and the general economic outlook. In which case why not add to your skillset, make yourself more employable, and ensure a more integrated and secure future in Slovenia, by finally learning the language, getting it a level where it's self-sustaining and you can just watch TV, listen to the radio and enjoy OnaPlus.

Of course, the best place to start is probably the most comprehensive guide to resources for learning the language, over at Wandering Helene. It covers books, websites, apps and more, and seems to be regularly updated. Keep that page bookmarked and explore the links as your abilities and interest arise. What we can offer at TSN is around 120 dual texts, in relatively simple Slovene and with an English translation, to give you some support as you pick up words and phrases, useful chunks to apply to daily life. The texts come from Časoris - the award-winning online news website for children in Slovenia - and cover and all kinds of topics. We publish a new one every week, and you can find them here.

There's also a growing collection of videos, in Slovene with English subtitles, in our video section (here), and although you'll have to dig around to find those among the all-English ones you'll come across a lot of other Slovene-themed content that might be of interest.

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