How to Give Your Tourist Voucher to a Relative

By , 17 Jun 2020, 19:42 PM Lifestyle
How to Give Your Tourist Voucher to a Relative Image: Pixabay

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The €200 tourist vouchers that every permanent adult resident in Slovenia is set to receive, along with €50 for every child, can be transferred to relatives if wanted. The law allows tourist vouchers to be transferred between the beneficiary's second degree relatives in a straight line. This includes transfers between parents and children, grandparents and children, between spouses or partners and between children and their legal guardians. Vouchers can’t be transmitted between brothers and sisters, cousins, friends etc.

The Financial Administration (FURS) has prepared instructions on how to use the transferred vouchers. In the process of transfer, the original holder of the voucher needs to fill out and sign a statement in which they give their voucher to their relative to use. The statement then needs to be presented to the hotel receptionist along with a valid ID of the guest, and not sent to FURS or any of its offices.

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