Ljubljana University Warns on Fake Letters of Acceptance, Indians Most Common Recipients

By , 25 Aug 2020, 21:34 PM Lifestyle
The start of one of the letters The start of one of the letters

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The University of Ljubljana (Univerza v Ljubljani) has issued a warning that a number of individuals, the majority from India, have been sent fake letters of acceptance, along with a request for tuition to be paid.

If you did not apply to the University of Ljubljana, then any acceptance letter you receive is false. If you did apply but the letter you received seems suspicious, then you’re advised to look out for these four warning signs:

  • Does the letter ask you to send money to certain account? The University never sends letters that ask this.
  • Is the name of the faculty or academy correct? There’s a list of the official names here if you are not sure.
  • Are any email addresses for the University correct? All official email addresses have the suffix @uni-lj.si.
  • Is the letter signed by Vice-Dean Gabor Janos Vamos? The University has Vice-Rectors, and no Janos Vamos works there.

The University also provides two examples of false letters, PDF form (False letter 1; False letter 2).

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