Old Photos: Planica in Black and White

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Postcard of Rudi Finžgar, 1940s Postcard of Rudi Finžgar, 1940s All images from Wikimedia

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Those magnificent men on their flying skis. 

March 24, 2018

It’s Planica weekend, the end of the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup Season and the biggest event in the Slovenian sporting calendar, an occasion made possible by the topography of Kranjska gora, both natural and manmade.

01 Ladislav_Benesch_-_Plancia_Tal_(Ursprung_der_Wurzener_Save) 1891.jpg

Planica, 1891


The hill all eyes will be upon this weekend is known as Letalnica bratov Gorišek, or the Flying Hill of Gorišek brothers, although this was only constructed in 1969, and thus the images we’re looking at here are, we believe, of Bloudkova velikanka, or Bloudek Hill, which today sits to the right of its larger companion.

03 Razglednica_Planice_1951.jpg



Like Planica, the sport has changed over the years, with today’s ski fliers smaller and lighter than those shown in these photographs, and using the V-style or H-style positioning of the skis, rather than the parallel style that emerged in the 1950s.

Before this the two main jumping styles were the Kongsberger technique, developed in the 1920, in which the jumper’s arms are extended in front of the body, sometimes even flapping, like a bird, and the Windisch technique, created in 1949, in which the arms are towards the back of the body.

02 1940s Janez Kališnik - Razglednica_Rudija_Finžgarja.jpg

Postcard of Rudi Finžgar, 1940s


04 Albin Vengust Postcard_of_Janez_Polda_at_Planica_1955.jpg

Postcard of Janez Polda at Planica, 1955


16 1966 Razglednica_Marjana_Pečarja.jpg

Postcard of Marjan Pečar, 1966


Whatever you’re up to this weekend, consider taking some time out to watch some of this fast-moving and thrilling competition, and if you want to learn more about the event in its current form, then check out our earlier article.


06 Božo Osana - Prvi_evrovizijski_prenos_TV_Ljubljana_iz_Planice_1960.jpg

Božo Osana, first TV broadcast from Planica, 1960


07 Jože Gal - 1024px-Tekma_ob_25-letnici_planiške_mamutske_skakalnice,_četrtek_(2).jpg

Jože Gal, 1960


08 Jože Gal - 1024px-Tekma_ob_25-letnici_planiške_mamutske_skakalnice,_sobota.jpg

Jože Gal, 1960


09 Jože Gal - Tekma_ob_25-letnici_planiške_mamutske_skakalnice,_nedelja.jpg

Jože Gal, 1960


10 Jože Gal - Tekma_ob_25-letnici_planiške_mamutske_skakalnice,_sobota_(2).jpg

Jože Gal, 1960


11 Jože Gal - Tekma_ob_25-letnici_planiške_mamutske_skakalnice,_sobota_(4).jpg

Jože Gal, 1960


12 Jože Gal 519px-Tekma_ob_25-letnici_planiške_mamutske_skakalnice,_nedelja_(4).jpg

Jože Gal, getting the slope ready, 1960


13 Jože Gal 1024px-Tekma_ob_25-letnici_planiške_mamutske_skakalnice,_sobota_(3).jpg

Jože Gal, 1960


14 Jože Gal Tekma_ob_25-letnici_planiške_mamutske_skakalnice,_četrtek_(3).jpg

Jože Gal, 1960


15 Razglednica_Planice_1963_(2).jpg

Postcard, 1963


18 Edi_Šelhaus_-_Josip_Broz-Tito_je_Planico_obiskal_tudi_leta_1969.jpg

Edi Šelhaus, Josip Broz Tito visits Planica in 1969

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