5,738 Ukrainians Ask for Temporary Protection in Slovenia

By , 07 May 2022, 11:48 AM Lifestyle

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STA, 6 May 2022 - A total of 5,738 Ukrainian refugees have so far asked for the status of temporary protection for displaced persons in Slovenia, of whom 2,149 underage children. The initial number was 5,919 but some refugees have since left Slovenia. Police data shows that since the Ukraine war started, 21,980 Ukrainians have entered Slovenia.

The number of Ukrainian refugees asking for accommodation at Slovenian state-owned centres is decreasing, said Katarina Štrukelj, director of the Office for the Support and Integration of Migrants.

There are currently 316 refugees at the Logatec centre, which has room for 250, and 91 in Debeli Rtič, which can accommodate up to 80.

"We're also being contacted by individuals who have taken in Ukrainian citizens but don't have enough room for them," Štrukelj said on Friday, adding that in such cases, the refugees were accommodated at student dorms.

Unofficial information shows that the office has received 806 applications for financial assistance. A third has been granted, with the rest being supplemented.

An adult with temporary protection status is entitled to EUR 422 a month, with every next adult in the family entitled to 70% of the sum and children to 30% of the sum.

Unofficial information also shows that 88 Ukrainian refugees are registered with the Employment Service, while some have already found a job, mostly in hospitality.

Although both Slovenian and Ukrainian are Slavic languages, they are quite different and language proficiency is a problem on the labour market.

This is also true for healthcare workers, as 13 have came to Slovenia with the Ukraine refugee wave, of whom four doctors.

The Health Ministry has already notified them of the conditions under which employment is possible in the Slovenian healthcare system.

From 1 July on, the language requirement will be slightly relaxed as changes to the medical services act enter into force.

Today, the Office for the Support and Integration of Migrants signed with the Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy an agreement on financing a project to help Ukrainian refugees integrate into Slovenian society.

The project, financed from the Norwegian Financial Facility and another of the European Economic Area, will provide information to persons with temporary protection status about their rights, while school children will get learning support.

Health Ministry State Secretary Franc Vindišar meanwhile said the healthcare system was under no additional pressure from Ukrainian refugees, arguing that their numbers corresponded to no more than a small town.

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