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Theme Populism. Author: Tilen Jošar Theme Populism. Author: Tilen Jošar All images used with permission of Proglas

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Regular readers of Mladina, the left-leaning review whose editorials we summarise each weekend (along with those of the right-leaning Demokracija, and – on occasion – Reporter) may have noticed the arresting advertisements that appear on page 3, and yet which don’t seem to promote any company or product.

Ekološke katastrofe Ecological Disasters AVTOR AUTHOR Studio Marketing; Petja Montanez, Matej Kodrič.png

Theme Ecological Disasters. Author: Studio Marketing; Petja Montanez, Matej Kodrič

studio 360 genetic enginnering.jpg

Theme: Genetic engineering. Author: Studio 360, Agencija Tovarna vizij, Vladan Srdić, Dragan Arrigler

Green - AV Studio.jpg

Theme: Greed. Author: AV Studio

TEMA  TOPIC AIDS AVTOR  AUTHOR Studio Marketing; Janez Čadež, Radovan Arnold, Jerneja Trbuha Kukec.png

Theme: AIDS. Author: Studio Marketing; Janez Čadež, Radovan Arnold, Jerneja Trbuha Kukec

Tema Pohlep Avtor SOZD.jpg

Theme: Greed. Author: SOZD

The page, known as Proglas and edited by Viva Videnovic for almost two decades, has been a feature of the magazine since 1997. It was introduced to provide a platform for Slovenian creatives to use the tools of their trade to engage in social commentary, enabling them to demonstrate their ingenuity and wit to a degree that’s not always possible with regular advertising.

Extremism- Yin + Young.jpg

Theme: Extremism. Author: Yin + Young

eu new moment.jpg

Theme: EU. Author: New Moment Ljubljana

loneliness - pristop.jpg

Theme: Loneliness. Author: Pristop

TOPIC Zloraba otrok, Fant od fare  Child Abuse; Choir Boy, AVTOR  AUTHOR Mediamix; Toni Tomašek, Miha Bevc, Aleksandar Jordačevič LETO  YEAR 2005.png

Theme: Child abuse. Author: Mediamix; Toni Tomašek, Miha Bevc, Aleksandar Jordačevič

success yin young.jpg

Theme: Success. Author: Yin + Young

In exchange for working pro bono, Mladina gives the contributors total freedom to create whatever they want, as long as it addresses that month’s theme. These have included all the pressing or passing social issues of the day, such as AIDS, mental health, over-consumption, social media, feminism, genetic engineering, economic imperialism, ecological catastrophes, fascism, tourism, sexual harassment, the precariat and so on.

TEMA TOPIC Voda  Water – Drinking Water AVTOR  AUTHOR Blaž Razpotnik.png

"Enjoy drinking water" Theme: Water. Author: Blaž Razpotnik

apartments - Pristop.jpg

(How much a space the size of a page of Mladina - 291mm x 215mmwould cost in Ljubljana). Theme: Apartments. Author: Pristop

greed - Studio 360, Vladan Srdić.jpg

Theme: Greed. Author: Studio 360, VladanSrdić

TOPIC Vojne  Wars – Star Wars AVTOR  AUTHOR Yin + Young; Domen Husu, Samo Muhič, Marin Bulog, Jure Ljubeljšek.png

"Star Wars" Theme: War. Author: Yin + Young, Domen Husu, Samo Muhič, Marin Bulog, Jure Ljubeljšek

What you see in this story are thus just a few of the more than 1,000 works that have been published over the years. If you’d like to see more of Proglas, and what the Slovenian advertising industry is capable of when allowed to do what it wants, then follow the related page on Facebook, or see the whole archive on Mladina.

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