Koper Police Take Swiss Woman's Dogs After She Repeatedly Leaves Them In Hot Cars

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Koper Police Take Swiss Woman's Dogs After She Repeatedly Leaves Them In Hot Cars originatedinfo.com

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STA, 7 August 2018 - The Koper police have taken away three dogs from a Swiss citizen who has left the pets in her car several times during the ongoing heatwave. After she got a hefty fine for leaving two dogs in the car and resisting the police last week, it soon became clear that she is a repeat offender. 

The 46-year-old was first reported to the police on 13 July for leaving the three dogs in the car in front of the Koper train station. The dogs had water in the car and the windows were lowered. They were panting but did not show signs of heat stroke.

On Wednesday she left two dogs in the car while sitting at a nearby bar with the third dog. She became verbally abusive after other patrons and passers-by urged her to let the dogs out, and a waitress called the police.

The woman also refused to cooperate with the police and had to be restrained. She was issued several fines totalling to EUR 1,105, which she paid on the spot.

Three days later, she left the dogs in the car at a car park in Koper. She was taken to the police station and issued a EUR 800 fine for mistreatment of the pets. She left the station before the arrival of a veterinarian, who could determine the state of her dogs.

Only a few hours later the police got another phone call reporting that three dogs were kept in a car parked in the sun. Soon after a man called the police to tell them that the car had been stopped at a petrol station in Škofije. But the woman left before the arrival of the police and a veterinarian.

She left two dogs in the car again on Monday. This time, the car was parked in the shade and once again, the windows were lowered a bit. The veterinarian determined that the dogs did not show signs of heat stroke.

The woman will be issued yet another EUR 800 fine and her dogs were taken away yesterday.

The police thanked members of the public for their help, but also underlined that only authorised persons had the right to follow, stop or detain persons suspected of violating animal protection laws.

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