New Year’s in Ljubljana Causes Drunk Children and Fires

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Ljubljana Fireworks Ljubljana Fireworks Wikimedia
And lots of work for doctors, police and firefighters on the big night and following days. 
January 3, 2018

According to the Ljubljana Police Directorate, around 100,000 people gathered for the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Ljubljana, which were held peacefully with no major incidents.

However, the Slovenian media reported that twenty children were treated at the reception clinic at the UKC Ljubljana Paediatric Clinic during New Year’s Eve and the following day, of which 11 were admitted to the UKC Ljubljana Paediatric Clinic. Six children were treated for the effects of acute alcoholic binging and / or drug use.

Moreover, in the past two days, 55 adult patients were treated at the Internist First Aid Department of the Internal Clinic UKC Ljubljana, of which 26 were treated on the January 1st.In total, over the past two days 153 patients were examined and treated at the Emergency Department of the Surgical Clinic UKC Ljubljana, of whom 21 were hospitalized.

Two patients were treated due to injuries caused by pyrotechnics, four in a fight, one with a stab wound and three in a car accident.

Several fires due to pyrotechnics
According to data from the Directorate for Protection and Rescue, fires broke out in containers for municipal waste, and there were also a number of outdoor fires, while several commercial buildings also caught light.

Ljubljana police officers received several reports of violations of public order, most of which were connected to the use of pyrotechnics in public spaces.

In most cases the related complaints were due to the disturbing, excessive and improper use of petards and rockets. The police were also busy with traffic accidents, for which some drivers were detained.

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