Freedom Movement, SocDems & Left Start Coalition Talks

By , 03 May 2022, 09:31 AM Politics
The make-up of the incoming Parliament The make-up of the incoming Parliament Wikipedia

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STA, 3 May 2022 - Robert Golob, the presumptive prime minister-designate, is expected to officially launch government formation talks on Tuesday with prospective coalition partners, the Social democrats and the Left. Golob has indicated he would like to form an operative government before summer.

Golob's Freedom Movement, which won 34.53% in the 24 April general election, which translates into 41 MP seats, would like to form a government as soon as possible, so it would become operative before the summer recess of parliament to be able to prepare for a potential new outbreak of Covid-19 and for the anticipated energy price hikes.

Informal talks between Golob and SD head Tanja Fajon and Luka Mesec from the Left started last week, immediately after the election, with the official talks slated to start today.

Fajon said after the election she would like the government formation talks to start as soon as possible, as Slovenia needed a stable and strong government.

Mesec, who got the party council's mandate for talks with the Freedom Movement, said he expected concrete steps towards a new government today.

It is expected that today's talks will result in an approximate distribution of ministries among coalition partners.

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