Dnevnik Criticises the State of Slovenian Football

By , 11 Sep 2018, 08:53 AM Sport
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STA, 11 September 2018 - Slovenia has one of the most promising generations of football players, but lacks motivation and a team spirit to deliver results, the newspaper Dnevnik says on Tuesday as it takes a look at the state of Slovenian football. 

National coach Tomaž Kavčič should have been fired while still on board of the plane en route home from Cyprus, where Slovenia were beaten yet again on Sunday.

With one win and four defeats, Kavčič's tally is among the worst in the history of Slovenia's national football coaches.

But the president of the Slovenian National Association (NZS), Radenko Mijatović, is taking time to reflect on what to do.

The only mitigating circumstance in the spiral of defeats is that Slovenia are playing without their three biggest starts - Jan Oblak, Kevin Kampl and Josip Iličić.

As things stand now, Slovenia are technically and tactically worse than they were under coach Srečko Katanec, who at least knew how to do things in defence.

The team's attack is based on improvisation, its defence is rather poor, full of naive mistakes.

However, what the team lacks the most and what its fans miss the most is motivation, a desire to fight, which has never been lower.

Just like all the other team sports in Slovenia, Slovenian football is faced with the absence of the team cult.

while they would once fight to get an invitation to play for the national team, football players now find it a mere obligation which some would prefer to avoid.

Considering how well they play in various clubs, Slovenia has one of the most promising generations of footballers.

The players are very experienced, but they apparently lack a team spirit, which is something experts from the NZS leadership should take care of.

The national team is a reflection of the NZS's performance or failure to perform. It has too many people who do not come from the world of football, so some of their decisions are not based on expertise, but are made to please fans or for gain.

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