Freediving: Zhurkova Announces WR at CMAS World Championship Bifin (Watch Live)

By , 10 Aug 2019, 12:55 PM Sport
Alenka Artnik at Asian Freediving Cup 2019 Alenka Artnik at Asian Freediving Cup 2019 Alenka Artnik Freediving Archive (Facebook)

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August 10, 2019

Natalia Zhurkova announced that she aims to take the world record currently held by Alenka Artnik at 92 metres. Zhurkova is planning to dive to 93 metres.

world championship start list.jpg
Roatan, Honduras is 8 hours behind central European time. 

Bi-fin constant weight does not allow the monofin efficient dolphin move, which makes bifin dives harder and less depth is reached. Natalia Zhurkova from Ukraine was third in constant weight (monofin) discipline two days ago, when Alenka Artnik and Alessia Zecchini both set the world record of 113 metres.

You can watch Diveye's live stream of today's competition here.


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