Planning a Family Adventure Vacation

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Planning a Family Adventure Vacation Photography by Kata Adventures, Matej Mejovšek and Nataša Voljčank.

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Some things to consider before choosing your next adventure. 

April 28, 2018

A vacation filled with adventures will be enriching, enjoyable and exciting if well prepared, but organizing family adventure holiday is undoubtedly a challenge. If you’re taking it on for the first time you might want to consider hiring a professional travel agency to create an adventure vacation for you, although some like the freedom of creating their own agenda.

However, you’re not the only one to embark the epic adventure, therefore get everyone involved to do their part in the process of creating your dream family vacation. Planning your trip six months ahead will save you from feeling overloaded with getting all the information you need, or the destination or adventures being booked out.

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Connect and Make Meaningful Stories

A family meeting is a good way to find out what everyone wants from the vacation. You’ll get to know whether you, your partner and kids would like to experience transformation, expand your worldview, learn new things, explore and discover nature, strengthen mental health, have fun and thrills together, connect with each other, make meaningful stories, build physical health, indulge in unique experiences or a little bit of everything. Discuss and write down your wishes, decisions and any important facts to guide your research before choosing a destination, booking accommodation and selecting an adventure travel specialist.

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Equal Opportunities for Enjoyable Adventures

Deciding on the budget for the upcoming trip will help in your planning, and setting a daily amount is helpful when choosing your activities. Some family members may have very different interests, and so it’s wise to make personal daily budgets, for everyone to have equal opportunities to fill their day with enjoyable adventures.

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A Little of Everything

The right travel style is everything that makes your family feel comfortable while travelling. Knowing whether you’d prefer to be based in one place or have a multi-destination holiday is important. Being located the entire time in the heart of the mountains or an urban environment, in peaceful nature or a vibrant town, or a little of everything and being constantly on the move. Families often choose one week of active adventures in one location, before changing their base.

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Everyone Needs a Cosy Spot

Your travel personality defines whether you feel comfortable following an agenda or hourly schedule. Getting around by schedule is effortless when travelling with an agency, but influences your energy levels more when you’re on your own with long and exhausting transfers. Perhaps you’d like to travel by bike or trekking? Nevertheless, after a day filled with experiences of a new culture and customs, or challenging activities in nature, you’ll want to relax and talk about your day with your partner and kids. Everyone needs a cosy spot, maybe tucked in a sleeping bag glamping, gathered in a bunch on sofa in a family apartment, or occupying your spot on the luxurious bed of a five-star hotel.

And after a good night’s sleep your kids will hungry before they open their eyes. You want to be prepared for serious appetites after day of activity, so make sure you know where to find healthy food shops, if you like to cook yourself, or good restaurants, if you wish to eat out. Good quality food is essential for everyone to be happy, healthy and willing to embark on new activities.



Selecting Family Adventure Activities

Selecting adventure activities for a family and the right outdoor adventure tour provider is important, because tours should be enjoyable for everyone, and their providers friendly and flexible to meet everyone’s needs. Try to stay close to your family lifestyle. A sport and discovery-oriented family will help you enjoy fun and thrilling adventures, like rafting, canyoning, river tubing, rock climbing, and so on Healthy lifestyle-oriented families, who like to try new things and expand their horizons, will enjoy hiking, cycling, river walking, snow shoeing and the link. However, always start with easy adventures that you know your kids can handle. During the vacation find out how everyone’s day was and adjust the itinerary if necessary.

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Choose Family-Friendly Outdoor Destinations

Having your budget set, needs, travel style and personality figured out, you can then choose a destination. Travelling overseas can be expensive, although making reservations well ahead of time can usually make it more affordable. Popular outdoor adventure destinations tend to be pricey, but offer good family deals, and can therefore be crowded. If you seek added value and you like personal experiences and a friendly atmosphere, then look for smaller countries, like Slovenia. There you’ll find untouched nature, genuine people who are excited to bond with you and take time to share their stories, revealing hidden gems and offering a helping hand.

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Visiting new places brings up some safety considerations, but keep in mind that in every country there are friendly people like you, who have lovely families like yours.

And if you’ve decided on Slovenia for your next vacation and want some help in planning and organising your trip, then consider getting in touch with me in Soča Valley, with more details on my website.

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