All Air, Sea Arrivals to Slovenia Will Need Digital PLFs from 16 August – Learn How to Get One Inside

By , 10 Aug 2021, 18:13 PM Travel

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STA, 9 August 2021 - All passengers arriving in Slovenia by plane or ship will need to fill out a Digital Passenger Locator Form (dPLF) before entering the country starting from 16 August, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has announced.

The form makes it easier to track contacts in cases where passengers are exposed to a communicable disease during their journey.

The information provided by passengers can be used by the epidemiological service of the National Institute of Public Health to quickly contact passengers and their contacts in order to prevent the further spread of the disease and to protect their health, reads the release posted on the CAA web site.

The form facilitates collection and exchange of data between EU member countries, which makes passenger contract tracing more successful and efficient, says the release.

The form is available at

The PLF is for now being used by Italy and Malta and several countries have similar forms of their own, including Greece. The idea is to make travel during the Covid-19 pandemic safer as the forms make it easier to reach passengers that might have been in contact with an infected person.

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