E-Vignettes Available from Today, Paper Stickers Discontinued Feb 2022

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E-Vignettes Available from Today, Paper Stickers Discontinued Feb 2022 dars.si

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STA, 1 December 2021 - Electronic vignettes will soon fully replace toll stickers, as annual e-vignettes for cars and semi-annual e-vignettes for motorbikes are available as of today, with weekly and monthly e-vignettes to follow in February 2022. Prices remain unchanged, while the annual vignette is no longer be linked to the calendar year.

The existing annual sticker vignettes remain valid up to 31 January 2022, and weekly and monthly vignettes in sticker form will also continue to be used until that date.

As of 1 February, the sticker vignettes will be discontinued in full, as the use of all toll roads in Slovenia will be possible only with an electronic vignette.

During the validity period of their electronic vignette, drivers will be able to use motorways and expressways without any restrictions, the state-run motorway company DARS has said.

A new feature is also being introduced - the validity of the annual e-vignette will no longer be limited to the calendar year. Instead, it will be valid for exactly one year, starting with the date that drivers choose themselves by buying the e-vignette.

All types of e-vignettes will be available for purchase up to 30 days before the selected validity date, and will be linked to the vehicle registration number.

DARS announced that it will be the drivers' responsibility to correctly upload their registration number to the e-tolling system when purchasing an e-vignette, be it online or during a purchase at an actual point of sale.

They recommend that vignette buyers write down their registration number or take their registration certificates with them. If the number in the system does not match the vehicle registration number, the toll will not be paid, which is an offence punishable by a fine, DARS warned.

Vehicle registration numbers will be monitored by cameras installed all along the Slovenian motorway network, at checkpoints and in toll enforcement vehicles.

Once the system will have verified the vehicle for which the e-vignette has been purchased, this information will be immediately deleted and no data will remain in the system, DARS said.

Use motorways and expressways in Slovenia without a valid (electronic) vignette is a violation punishable by a fine of EUR 300.

Learn more or get your e-vignette from the official site

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