2021 Revenues at Lipica Stud Farm Doubled Compared to 2020

By , 03 Feb 2022, 12:42 PM Travel
2021 Revenues at Lipica Stud Farm Doubled Compared to 2020 YouTube

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STA, 2 February 2022 - The Lipica stud farm saw a total of 45,000 visitors last year, with the share of domestic guests significantly increasing compared to previous years owing to the Covid-19 epidemic. Revenue doubled compared to 2020, and plans for this year are even bolder, says the operator of one of the country's main tourist attractions.

Tatjana Vošinek Pucer, the director of Holding Kobilarna Lipica, which operates the stud farm in south-western Slovenia, has told the STA that the numbers for last year are satisfactory given the situation in the tourism market.

"We generated twice as much revenue as the year before," said Vošinek Pucer, noting that the stud farm finished 2020 with an accumulated loss of more than EUR 1.5 million.

The home of the world-famous Lipizzan white horses has been hit hard by the novel coronavirus epidemic. "The largest drop was recorded in foreign visitors, which resulted in a substantial drop in revenue," she added.

The amount of revenue and the number of visitors are expected to grow again this year, as the operator counts on revenue from the refurbished Hotel Maestoso and Gratia Restaurant.

Maestoso was one of the largest investments in recent years, and the plan is to renovate the swimming pool and wellness centre of the hotel this year, which will cost around EUR 5 million.

The plan is also to renovate the riding school building, an investment estimated at around EUR 1 million.

With the reopening of Hotel Maestoso, the total number of employees in the group increased to 143 last year, and the stud farm is gearing up for the new tourist season despite the prospects being lower than before the outbreak of Covid-19.

The company is currently looking for stable staff, horse rider, blacksmiths, waiters, cooks and maids.

The Lipica stud farm will admit visitors free of charge on Culture Day on 8 February, with the programme including guided and independent tours, presentations of the Lipizzan horses, workshops for children and other events.

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