Brdalicious Brand Launches to Promote Food & Wine from Goriška Brda

By , 12 Apr 2022, 17:53 PM Travel
Some of the dishes being promoted... Some of the dishes being promoted... Photos:

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STA, 12 April 2022 - Eight restaurants from the western region of Goriška Brda have joined forces to launch of a new brand in a bid to promote local cuisine in this wine-growing region. 

"The Brdalicious brand aims to bring together local gastronomy businesses and offer a plethora of regional delicacies year-round," Tina Nova Samec, the head of the local tourism centre, told reporters on Tuesday.

The brand is to further promote the Brdo region and attract locals as well as foreign visitors, thus help tourism services providers, who are part of the project, to expand their business.


Inspired by the region's culinary traditions, the project will kick off with tastings, spanning over two months and bringing together gastronomy providers, each of which will prepare a dish representing Brdo's culinary heritage.

The tastings will feature dishes typical of the Brdo region, such as white polenta, potato gnocchi and frittatas, all of them paired with wild microgreens.

Such seasonal dishes will be associated with the new brand year-long with special emphasis on festive delicacies, such as briške fulje, sweet fried bread dumplings that are served for Easter, or krodegine, meat sausages served on Saint Martin's Day.

The brand's goal is to present the region's culinary history while also attracting foreign food enthusiasts and provide them with high-quality service.

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