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A fast way to connect with the scene and its history. 

August 21, 2018

We went on Alternative Ljubljana’s first LGBT Tour in English the other day, as led by the very knowledgeable Mojca Šoštarko, and learned a lot more about the city we love. One thing was that Pritlijče is now only gay café / bar in town that’s open every day – with Klubs Monokol and Tiffany in Metelkova just open Fridays and for special events – and another was the existence of SiQRD, or the Slovenian Queer Resources Directory.

While the bulk of the site is in Slovene all of it is easily understood using Google Translate, and the front page (here) is a great place to find out what’s happening in the capital and elsewhere, with many events that aren’t promoted at my usual sources for What’s on in Ljubljana.

There are also a few links to a few English pages that offer details of local organisations and projects, a tourist guide, events and LGBT history in Slovenia, with the latter especially interesting for those curious about the social changes this country has undergone since the 1970s. And although the story on the site stops in 2002, you can be sure that it hasn’t in real life, which is where things like that LGBT Tour come in handy - learn more about that here.

Tourist Info
Gay guide to Slovenia
Somi Rooms – Gay-owned Bed & Breakfast providers

Organizations, Long-Term Projects
Roza klub [note, this is no longer running, but you can read about what it once was]
Out in Slovenija - For those who want to get outside and do sport / recreation in this beautiful country.
DP Legebitra
SEEQ Network

Annual Events
Ljubljana Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Ljubljana Gay and Lesbian Pride
Ljubljana Gay Bowling Tournament

History (although only up to 2002)
Dossier "Homophobia"
History of the gay and lesbian movement in Slovenia

Not included on the site, but of interest

Transakcija – a group working for the transgender community in Slovenia, with a Facebook and website (scroll down for English)

Kvartir – a feminist group with a focus on bisexual, transgender, queer and asexual identity in Slovenia. The website and Facebook are all in Slovene, but you should be able to make contact in English.

Kulturni center Q – Part of ŠKUC (itself well worth investigating), this project is also part of Klub Tiffany, and works to encourage creativity and cultural expression by the Slovenia LGBTIQ community, and also to connect it with such centres in other countries. In Slovene, but very easily translated with Google. The website is here.

Roza-Alarm – A group to report and monitor anti-LGBT violence and discrimination (Slovene language website here).

And if we’re missing something, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Photo galleries and videos

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